About Us

About Us

Northern Ink Tattoo

Northern Ink Tattoo is a modern up to date studio in the heart of Huddersfield specialising in the art of tattooing and piercing.

What we do

Custom Tattoos / Cover Ups / Tattoo Removal/Body Piercings


Established over 30 years

Multi International Award Winning Tattoo Artist

With over 30 years experience we are the only international award winning tattoo studio in Huddersfield! We work to a 100% sterile procedure and are environmentally registered. All tattoo styles are available.

J Lee, the founder and head tattoo artist of Northern Ink Tattoo is a world renowned and multi international award winning tattoo artist, the only one in Huddersfield. He has studied many types of tattoo styles during his career including Maori, Polynesian, Realism and Japanese among others and has had the privilege of tattooing several famous premiership footballers, rugby players and celebrities.

J Lee is an expert in portraits and full sleeves, as well as specializing in just about all types of tattoo art and his artwork stems back to his days as a commissioned artist who, in his time, experienced lots of media coverage and worldwide interest. He has since worked in many famous tattoo studios across the world and from this he now has international guest artists visit his Huddersfield studio.

We also specialise in freehand custom designs and can easily replicate and implement your own designs and ideas however we also have thousands of pre-made designs to choose from.

As well as tattooing at our Huddersfield studio we also offer a tattoo removal service and we have a wide selection of jewellery for any kind of piercing and not only that we also stock a large range of T-Shirts and other tattoo related products to choose from. If you want the best then come to us. We are the No.1 Tattoo artist in Huddersfield.


Northern Ink Tattoo

With over 30 years experience we are the only multi international award winning Tattoo Studio in Huddersfield. We provide authentic and custom tattoos in all styles at our studio. We work to a 100% sterile procedure, and are environmentally registered.

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