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Traditional Japanese Tattoos


  • traditional japanese back-piece tattoo
  • tradional japanese back-piece tattoo
  • traditional japanese back-piece tattoo
  • traditional japanese leg-piece tattoo
  • traditional japanese body suit tattoo
  • traditional japanese body suit tattoo
  • traditional japanese body suit tattoo

    J Lee is a world renowned tattoist who specializes in both Irezumi and Horimono Japanese style tattooing. Having over 30 years of experience, and based in the North of England, he frequently travels around the world to attend conventions, and make guest appearances, as his work is highly sought after.

    traditional japanese back pieces
    Quality Japanese tattoos for over 30 years

    Japanese Symbolism

    The history of Japanese body modification goes back thousands of years and records note that all Japanese males had heavy tattoos on their faces and bodies. Some Japanese tattoos are associated with strength, courage, protection while others represent luck, success, and good fortune but each has a meaning.

    Traditional Japanese tattooing can be full of symbolism so choosing the right one can be hard, consequently these meanings can be difficult to interpret or understand without a grasp of the language or history. Fortunately, as J Lee has so much experience in this area, from is training under a Japanese master in the far east he can make this a much easier decision!

    Over 30 Years Experience

    J Lee has specialised in traditional Japanese tattooing for over 30 years. He studied the art of traditional Japanese tattooing in the Far East under a traditional Japanese master tattoo artist and learned all the techniques needed to produce the very best in traditional Japanese tattooing.

    Please email or phone our tattoo studio, based in the center of Huddersfield, to arrange a consultation and discuss your ideas directly with J Lee, or take a look at some of the traditional Japanese styles we have on offer, or bring along what you have in mind!

    Japanese tattoos in huddersfield
    Traditional Japanese tattoo artistry

    Create Your Japanese Tattoo

    Get in touch with our highly experienced Japanese tattoo artist at our Huddersfield tattoo studio to discuss your ideas.

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    With over 30 years experience we are the only multi international award winning Tattoo Studio in Huddersfield. We provide authentic and custom tattoos in all styles at our studio. We work to a 100% sterile procedure, and are environmentally registered.

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