Maori & Polynesian Tattoos

Rest assured, Northern Inks traditional and authentic Maori & Polynesian tattoo styles will rival those straight out of New Zealand, right in the heart of Huddersfield!
Traditional Maori Tattoo Art

The Ta Moko Symbolism

Originally, the Moko reflected the native New Zealand man’s tribal status and social ranking and in the modern day has become one of the most popular tattoo style.

Every shape, pattern and symbol told a story of his unique tribal background and offered and reflected his connection and integrity within the tribe. However, what you see today isn’t always a precise representation of the past.

In today's tattoos this symbolism gets lost to the beauty of the art it creates on the human body, but with the help of the award winning knowledge of this tattooing style, Northern Inks artists can connect you with historical symbolism it once represented.

Ta Moko At It's Best

J Lee studied the art of traditional Maori & Polynesian tattooing styles while tattooing in and around the south sea islands in the early 90's. He learned all the techniques needed from native tattooists when he spent time traveling around islands like Fiji, New Guinea & New Zealand to produce the very best in traditional Maori & Polynesian tattooing. 

Please call into our tattooing studio in the center of Huddersfield to discuss your ideas directly with J Lee and take a look at some of the traditional Maori & Polynesian styles we have on offer or bring along what you have in mind!
Polynesian tattoos in huddersfield
Traditional Maori tattoo artistry

Our promise

We will connect you with your inner tribal warrior with a truly authentic Maori tattoo that will symbolize your tribal status and that you can connect with forever!
J Lee, Artist

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Start your tribal journey by speaking with our highly experienced Maori tattoo artists at our Huddersfield studio to talk about your ideas
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