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Our tattoo artists at Northern Ink pride themselves in giving the very best in realist tattoo art, right in the heart of Huddersfield!

Producing real, realism master pieces

Realism, The Real Art

Inspired by the realism art movement of the 1950's, realism or photorealism is a technique that depicts precise, detailed, and accurate representations of real life imagery or 3D objects resulting in artworks that look like actual photograph.

In tattooing the realism style tends to be of faces, animals, scenery, and miscellaneous objects and really is one of the hardest styles to master and shows ones real talent, skill and competence in art.

The tattooing of this style involves many layers and colors to maximize its contrast and 3D like effect which requires extreme patience and an artist with an eye for detail. Thankfully here at Northern Ink Huddersfield we have the all the skills and excellence to produce these real works of art and the results are truly amazing!

Multi International Award Winning

J Lee prides himself in his ability to create the very best in realism art. His realism tattoos are created from your ideas and are made to the very highest standard to look like a real painting or photo.

Please call into our tattooing studio in the center of Huddersfield to discuss your ideas directly with J Lee and take a look at some of the realism tattoo styles we have on offer or bring along what you have in mind!
Realistic Portrait tattoos in huddersfield
The best realism tattoos in huddersfield

Our promise

With our award winning realism tattoos, I will make sure your tattoo is the best around and your satisfaction guaranteed!
J Lee, Artist

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With over 30 years experience we are the only multi international award winning Tattoo Studio in Huddersfield. We provide authentic and custom tattoos in all styles at our studio. We work to a 100% sterile procedure, and are environmentally registered.

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